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    Holland Strawberry House

    The strawberry specialist from Holland. In this striking building we welcome many visitors from all around the world. We hope our guests leave with an impression of a traditional Dutch and solid company from where real gourmet strawberries are originated.

  • Delizz

    brings delicious strawberries at home

    Red fruits are ready to pick. Delizz can give you at least 4 weeks of delicious fruit close to a window in full sunlight. Also outside, on a balcony or in a pot, Delizz will give you a delicious harvest at least for 3 months during summer to early autumn. Delizz is an ideal gift for somebody you love. For the care of Delizz see our section Cultivate.

  • Toscana

    Most Awarded Strawberry

    Our famous variety Toscana win often prices. The highlight was the prestigious FleuroStar award in 2011. The Sanoma Garden Award followed in 2012. One year later, in 2013, in United Kingdom, Toscana was awarded as 'Highly Commended' in the 'Grower of the Year Award'.
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    from Holland Strawberry House

    Holland Strawberry House is also to find on Facebook. On our page you can find picture's from proud kids with their Delizz fruits, activities from Holland Strawberry House for the local community or  shared experiences of strawberrylovers.With a click on the blue f strawberry (top left corner) you can directly go on our Facebook page. Like us on Facebook!

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Holland Strawberry House